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PS5 Remote Play

Despite Sony’s success with gaming consoles, their venture into the handheld market has been challenging. The 2004 PlayStation Portable impressed with visuals but was overshadowed by Nintendo DS. The 2011 PlayStation Vita, though a cult favorite, faced limited developer support.

The PlayStation Portal marks a significant shift in Sony’s handheld approach. Built around the Remote Play feature introduced with the PS3, this PS5 accessory focuses on game streaming. Whether at home or away, users can access their console worldwide, contingent on reliable connection speeds.

What distinguishes the PS Portal from conventional Remote Play methods is its inclusion of a fully functional DualSense controller, featuring advanced haptics and adaptive triggers. The 8-inch LCD touch screen replicates the touchpad, boasting native 1080p resolution at 60Hz. Enhancements include dual internal speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microphone.

Priced at $200, it’s a worthwhile investment for those sharing a TV at home or seeking to enjoy PS5 games in bed. However, the quality of the PS Portal experience outside the home depends on internet speeds. As a dedicated Remote Play device, it stands out as one of the best portable ways to indulge in PS5 gaming.

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PS5 Remote Play - Gift

Optimizing Experience

Remote Play is a versatile feature, enabling game streaming from your PS5 to various devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets, using different controllers. The introduction of the PS Portal, however, might raise eyebrows. Why invest in a dedicated device for an app available on your existing gadgets? The answer lies in the PS Portal’s exclusive focus on Remote Play, offering unique perks that elevate the overall experience.

The primary advantages of the PS Portal lie in its integration with the PS5’s DualSense controller. It encompasses the complete array of features, including the familiar PS button layout, shoulder buttons, and adaptive triggers. The controller also incorporates essential buttons like PlayStation, Share, and Start, complemented by a mute switch for the internal microphone and the immersive haptic feedback characteristic of a standard PS5 pad.

In place of a touchpad, users have the flexibility to either tap or swipe the touchscreen, depending on the specific game being played. The overall controller setup replicates the excellence of the DualSense controller, ensuring an unparalleled PS5 experience even when on the move.

Optimizing Remote Play Experience

Stunning 8-Inch LCD Display and Exceptional Internal Speakers:

Similar to other devices utilizing Remote Play, the PS Portal is limited to streaming at a maximum of 1080p and 60 frames per second, which some may perceive as a downgrade considering the 4K/120Hz capabilities of the current-gen PS5. However, the PS Portal effectively maximizes these limitations with its impressive 8-inch LCD screen.

The pixel quality on the PS Portal is outstanding, showcasing games in their full glory when stable internet speeds are maintained. Whether immersing yourself in Spider-Man 2 or Gran Turismo 7, the visuals on the screen are nothing short of amazing. Colors are vivid and sharp, and the blacks appear rich. The brightness is noteworthy, ensuring playability even in bright daylight. Compared to many mobile phones and tablets, the PS Portal stands out in delivering a superior streaming experience for PS5 games.

The internal speakers contribute to the immersive experience by delivering clear audio at an optimal volume, provided you’re in a quiet environment. It’s worth noting that Sony’s first-party games often utilize spatial audio, necessitating headphones or Sony’s Pulse Explore earbuds for the full audio experience.

Beautiful 8-inch LCD screen and solid internal speakers

Works seamlessly on any Wi-Fi connection:

While playing at home where the PS5 is stationed offers an ideal experience, the flexibility to play anywhere globally through Wi-Fi proves advantageous during less-than-ideal scenarios. Our testing revealed that home environments provided the most stable connection, but the PS Portal truly shines when taken to diverse locations such as office spaces, friend’s homes, or Wi-Fi-equipped Airbnbs (with some addressed issues discussed below).

The ability to be at an office playing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a notable feature, showcasing the PS Portal’s versatility. Beyond PS5 games, the Portal accommodates downloadable PlayStation, PS2, and PS4 games available on Sony’s latest system, creating an extensive game catalog on the go.

While many games are individually purchasable, the PS Portal is particularly beneficial for PlayStation Premium subscribers, offering instant access to a vast library of classic and modern titles. Enjoying games like the Wipeout Omega Collection and FantaVision away from the console was a notable experience. Additionally, the Portal facilitates remote game downloads to your PS5, providing a convenient touch to its features.

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